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We have helped minority business owners take full advantage of the Small Business Administration's 8a certification program for more than 25 years. Don’t you think it’s time to let our 8a certification specialists help you realize your SBA 8a program goals?

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Let GCS help you achieve your 8(a) program goals. Our staff of 8(a) certification specialists have 25+ years of experience helping minority business owners succeed in the 8(a) program.


Choose from our extensive list of do-it-yourself 8(a) certification kits and SBA approved 8(a) application narratives, waivers and example 8(a) application forms.


Find the answers and links to all your 8(a) application, 8(a) certification and 8(a) program questions. SBA and GCS Inc. forms and documents are also available for download.

Why is the SBA 8(a) program so desirable?

Although the SBA does not say this bluntly, those familiar with the SBA 8(a) program understand that the following key privileges make the program extremely desirable to small disadvantaged business owners and government personnel alike:

1. SBA 8(a) certified companies benefit from 8(a) status because federal employees authorized to purchase goods and services can simply award contracts (up to $4 million dollars each; $6.5 million for manufacturing) without any competition or protest from other companies. This means that there is no need for the government to release formal Request for Proposals (RFPs), obtain multiple quotes, or justify decisions to award contracts to 8(a) companies. In short, all an 8(a) certified company needs is a federal employee with a pressing requirement and an available budget--industry competition isn't a factor.

2. Federal government personnel benefit from working with 8(a) certified businesses because awarding contracts to 8(a) companies dramatically reduces their paperwork. By setting a requirement aside for an 8(a) company, federal employees eliminate the need to issue Request For Proposals (RFPs), collect quotes, evaluate proposals, or worry about award protests from unhappy bidders. In addition, money can be allocated and work can begin in a matter of days, not months. This reduced labor burden for federal employees makes the 8(a) contract vehicle appealing to federal procurement personnel.

GCS Inc. offers frustration-free SBA 8a certification assistance, 8a narratives, 8a program 2 year waivers, do-it-yourself 8a application guides, Form 1010c SBA business plans, and 8a business development and marketing services.

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Over the past 25+ years, our 8a specialists have helped thousands of people get their small businesses 8a certified and benefit from the 8a program! Our loyal clients include company owners in construction, information technology, security, medical services, software development, green energy, staffing, manufacturing, engineering, shipping, legal services, program management and just about every type of business in-between.

We understand how important 8a certification and the 8a program are to our clients. We will never take their trust - or your trust - for granted.

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